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Gaming Is Among Us

Episode Summary

with @tocelot @smc90 The online multiplayer game Among Us has had a tipping point of late -- including the news that a major politician livestream-played it earlier this week -- so why now? who? how? Since the premise of this show is to tease apart what's hype/what's real, we dig beyond the obvious pandemic effect and social & streaming trends, to analyze the phenomenon in less than 16 minutes.

Episode Notes

Aliens are among us. Well, the online multiplayer game Among Us is -- a murder mystery set in space, where the group must figure out who the alien imposter is (a variation of party games like Werewolf or Mafia) -- has seemingly suddenly become very popular. And not just because a major politician livestream-played it earlier this week, which is what makes this news.

So on this episode of 16 Minutes on the News -- our show where we talk about what's in the headlines; tease apart what's hype/ what's real; and where we are on the long arc of innovation with related tech trends -- we cover:

All this and more, in less than 16 minutes, with a16z consumer team partner Jonathan Lai (formerly at Tencent games, Riot Games) in conversation with host Sonal Chokshi.

headlines & sources for stats/quotes cited in this episode: